Tattoos For Girls

tattoos for girls

Tattoos for girls have steadily become mainstream in recent years. With this increase in popularity, there has been an upsurge in tattoos for women as well as tattoos for girls. A girls tattoos can be as big and original as she wants because women with tattoos are no longer treated like circus freaks.

However, a tattoo for girls is no longer limited to exclusively feminine tattoo designs. No more are women confined to “girl tattoos” of butterflies and rose tattoos in hidden places for no one except a lover to see.

As a result, tattoo designs for women are becoming more interesting and divergent from traditional female tattoos, with more women opting for bigger and bolder tattoos.

But the question remains why there are more tattooed women than there has ever been? This is partly due to the de-stigmatization of women’s tattoos in popular culture because tattoos are no longer perceived as strictly masculine. However, tattoo ideas for women and feminine tattoos have rapidly increased in popularity thanks to high-profile tattooed women (or how many people like to say - inked girls) like Angelina Jolie, Amy Winehouse, and Lady Gaga. Even more mainstream and girly celebrities like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato have been seen sporting feminine tattoos. The most popular women tattoos include butterflies, baby’s footprints, tribal tattoos, stars, floral designs, hearts, dragon flies, dolphins, Celtic tattoos, and zodiac signs. However, a “girl tattoo” is not limited within these parameters. Many women have bigger and bolder tattoos than they ever had thanks to the popularization and acceptance of even heavily tattooed women such as Kat von D. A “woman tattoo” can now mean a large portrait of Freddie Mercury or it can mean a full-size picture of a beloved painting such as Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” on one’s back. Girls’ tattoos are no longer damned to be strictly small, feminine, and hidden.

Tattoos are making you unique

The only problem girls with tattoos now face is the chauvinists who still seek to categorize and place importance on what and where women should get tattoos.

You certainly don’t have to look very hard on the Internet to find irritating sites that list the body parts that women shouldn’t get tattooed. It comes as no surprise that most of these places on a woman’s body are also the most highly-sexualized as well. On one site, “The Seven Worst Places a Woman Can Get Tattooed” were listed. This nauseating list put breasts at 7th, the “ass” at 6th, thighs at 5th, the neck at 4th, the “tramp stamp” or a lower-back tattoo at 3rd, your guy’s name anywhere at 2nd, and your face at 1st.

However, if you want to give the middle finger to these pigs ladies, get your tattoos where you want and of what you want. Some original tattoo ideas for women could be those that have personal significance to you. A feminine tattoo can range from anything like family pictures, your favorite bands’ logos, or your very own reproduction of a favorite painting.